Environmental Responsibility


Believing that the best legacy to be left to future generations is the preservation of the environment, Nacional de Grafite has programs dedicated entirely to environmental control. We operate in the prevention and where necessary, remediation or mitigation of environmental impacts. For this, we manage risks and monitor how our activities interfere with nature.

Discover some of the initiatives

  • 1

    Full compliance with relevant environmental legislation.

  • 2

    Mining activity performed according to the existing standard of best practices.

  • 3

    Monitoring and responsible use of water resources.

  • 4

    Sewage Treatment System.

  • 5

    Reuse of industrial water and process of transformation of waste into a usable product.

  • 6

    Monitoring of hazardous chemicals in ore and products.

  • 7

    Selective collection and proper disposal of waste.

  • 8

    Rehabilitation of areas.

  • 9

    Densification of Riparian Forest.

  • 10

    Implementation of a nature conservation unit.

  • 11

    Responsible use of energy resources.