For each application, a solution

Graphite is the purest form of carbon, considered the best thermal and electrical conductor among non-metals. It is soft, flexible, highly refractory and chemically inert mineral. These combined properties make the graphite widely used in many industrial applications. The Nacional de Grafite offers to the market a complete line of high quality graphite for all applications.

  • High purity expandable graphite with different particle sizes and levels of expandability
  • Natural crystalline Graphite, fine grains with different carbon concentrations and an average particle size less than 150 microns
  • Flake grade graphite products in diversified carbon contents, average particle size larger than 150 microns (100 mesh ASTM)
  • High purity graphite with physical and characteristics modified according to the application, ideal for conductive additives in the cathode mix, with high-performance in power devices
  • Increase your productivity, lubricating the seeds and fertilizers with Grafsolo
  • Graphite dispersions in water
  • Micronized graphite products in different carbon contents, with an average particle size (d50) between 3 and 60 microns
  • Natural Crystalline graphite with high-performance as carbon additive for steel and cast iron