Quality and Certifications

Nacional de Grafite uses management practices that seek continuous improvement of its processes and employees, to meet the needs of its customers and create value for shareholders and the company.

Focusing on the prospects for innovation, customer satisfaction, internal processes, financial performance and environmental responsibility.

Quality policy
  • ISO 9001/2015 Certification

    It has guidelines that ensure a management model able to ensure product uniformity.
    It covers all stages of quality-related processes, from design to delivery of the final product.

  • 5S Program

    Continuous improvement program aimed at cost reduction, increase of productivity, improvement of quality, streamlining of product inventories, elimination of accidents at work and valuing of people.

  • Code of Ethics

    In order to make transparent the relationships between the company, employees, customers, suppliers, governance and other interested parties, an ETHICAL / MORAL CODE was established based on the highest standards of honesty, seriousness and balance, making explicit the norms and requirements of the organization.

    See the Code