Increase your productivity, lubricating the seeds and fertilizers with Grafsolo

Why use it

Seeds, for their natural physical characteristics and because of chemical treatments, become rough and increase friction, hindering the flow in different planting systems. This friction can cause the loss of seed germination power and especially an irregular planting, with the presence of faults (seedless spaces) and doubles (more than one seed in the same space). Studies show that in the chemically treated seeds, such as corn, loss reaches 12, 5%.

GRAFSOLO was developed to eliminate this problem.
By adding GRAFSOLO to the seed boxes, it creates a lubricating layer on the seed surface, reducing friction and facilitating the flow during planting.
GRAFSOLO demonstrably does not adversely interfere in the seed germination power, as well as being an inert, non-toxic and non-perishable product.

Grafsolo dosage per kg of seeds

Distribution System Small Round Ones Large Round Ones Flat Ones
FINGERS 1 gramme 1 gramme 2 gramme
DISCS 4 gramme 2 gramme 4 gramme
SUCTION 4 gramme 2 gramme 4 gramme


  • 1
    Never use Grafsolo before or during the chemical treatment.
  • 2
    Do not mix Grafsolo with other chemicals.
  • 3
    In untreated seeds use half the indicated dose.
  • 4
    If swallowed or spilt follow the instructions in the safety data sheet.
  • 5
    Higher dosages than recommended do not change the expected benefits.
  • 6
    Do not use Grafsolo as an additive in lubricating oil of engines.

Usage instructions

  • Chemically treated seeds

    For the seeds that have suffered additional treatment with chemical products, the seeds should be completely dry before GRAFSOLO is applied. The recommended dosage is indicated in the table in the side margin.

  • Non-chemically treated seeds

    On seeds that have not received chemical treatments half the dosage of GRAFSOLO indicated in the table in the side margin should be used.


GRAFSOLO should be applied with dry seeds and at the recommended dosage according to the table above and present on the product packaging.

GRAFSOLO can be applied directly to the seed box. Place the seeds in the planter box and spread the recommended dosage on them.

To further improve the seed coverage, GRAFSOLO may be applied within the "rotating drum" type mixers.

In this case, add the recommended dosage along with the seeds inside the "drum", turning until there is a homogeneous mixture.